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We know it takes a focus on People, Process, Learning, and Technology to make a project successful.We provide change management guidance, process consulting, user adoption strategy, and customized training tailored to your needs.

There is more to a successful collaboration solution than the technology underlying it. Long-lasting, valuable solutions involve strategies for integrating People, Process, Learning, and Technology—the four pillars of every AKG engagement. Strategy is an important part of AKG's services.

New collaboration solutions, such as those built on Microsoft SharePoint technology, streamline work processes and centralize the management of information. They change the way people work and communicate, and even the way they think about and use information. These types of changes can represent a cultural shift in an organization—a change from “the way we’ve always done it” to “doing it better.” AKG consultants help define collaboration needs and requirements up front, so the solution fits your business challenges.

Our consultants are experienced in the markets in which our clients operate, so their guidance is relevant, high-value, and immediately applicable to your work environment. We also develop strategies for online collaboration, change management, and user adoption—to ensure the use and success of the new collaboration solution. We offer consultative services and training tailored to your company’s and team’s specific needs and business context as part of a solution implementation and also as stand-alone services.

To learn more about AKG consulting services contact us.

Adopting new business solutions often means adjusting to doing things differently—and that’s not always easy, especially when the changes affect large organizations or dispersed teams. Change also can be a challenge for organizations that experience frequent workforce turnovers, such as the military. AKG understands that managing organizational change is essential to the success of projects and initiatives, and to the health of organizations.

To help our clients adjust to new processes and systems and ease workforce transitions without loss of institutional knowledge and productivity, we employ experts in behavioral change management. We can plan, oversee, and support your transition to improved ways of working, communicating, and sharing information.

AKG also attends to the technical aspects of change, including data migrations and configuration management.

Contact us to find out more about how AKG’s change management consulting can help your organization transition smoothly.


AKG understands that the value of a business solution depends on how well staff are trained to use it. If employees and affiliates don't know the rules of engagement or how new technology is supposed to help them do their jobs, an investment in a new solution can be wasted. 

AKG starts planning customized training from the moment a client engagement begins. We'll identify different groups and levels within your user community and determine what each group needs to know to participate in and benefit from a new collaboration or knowledge management approach.

For example, system adminstrators may require technical training and training in how to evaluate, prioritize, and address help requests. Business users in different parts of the organization may require training tailored to the specific processes they will use. Program managers and executives may only need an introduction to the solution and training in how to use a portfolio management or decision-making dashboard. Others may need refresher aids such as AKG's SharePoint Quick Reference Guides for WSS and MOSS. We'll produce training for every type of user and every need.

AKG's customized training includes:

  • in-person
  • virtual online with a live trainer
  • automated computer based training (CBT)

AKG also takes into account the timing of training—introductory training, refresher or just-in-time training, and community conferences, such as the regional outreach and expo conferences we provide for the users of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Knowledge Services Network (KSN), a SharePoint-based collaboration solution. Effective customized training has enabled the FAA to carry only 1.5 full-time help desk employees to support 32,000 users of the KSN.

Another example of multilevel training is an area called the Knowledge Center in our SharePoint-based Virtual Work Environment (VWE) for the Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC). The Knowledge Center contains online training and reference materials for new and tenured VWE users. By providing multilevel self-serve training in the VWE, AKG reduced MCCDC's training and support burden.

Contact us to see what AKG customized training can do for your project or initiative.

When the Baby Boomers in your organization retire, will a lot of institutional knowledge leave with them? If so, your organization might need to take a more disciplined approach to knowledge management.

What is knowledge management?

Like organizations and the information they produce and use, knowledge management can take many different forms. At its core, it means the retention, maintenance, and sharing of information that is vital to your employees’ work and to your organization’s mission. This information can include intellectual property, data, and records.

Solid knowledge management practices should improve the way you do your work and enable you to use your information better for decision making. Effective knowledge management solutions include both human processes and technology toolsets.

AKG Solutions

AKG is a leader in providing knowledge management solutions, including those based on Microsoft SharePoint. Technology toolsets such as SharePoint, Office 2007, and CorasWorksTM provide powerful possibilities for configuration and integration, custom views, and dashboards.

We understand that there can be no one-size-fits-all approach to knowledge management—your information and how you use it are unique to your organization. That’s why we create solutions that address specific needs in the areas of process improvement, workflow, training, user adoption strategy, and technology.

AKG has transformed the knowledge management practices of such organizations as the Federal Aviation Administration, the Association of American Railroads, and Learning Tree International. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Setting up a technology platform will only get you part of the way to a working business solution. True success depends on your employees’ ability and commitment to use new processes and the new technology. We call this success factor “user adoption,” and it’s a hallmark of AKG’s approach.

Ensuring user adoption of new processes and systems has always been among AKG’s core competencies. We’ll start your project by listening to you—learning about your business needs, business processes, and organizational culture. We also will engage multiple levels of the organization to make sure we get feedback and buy-in from important stakeholders and end users of the new solution. Then we’ll train the end users so that they are comfortable with every aspect of the new solution.

With this approach, we will create the right solution, with an adoption strategy to get people to use it effectively.

For more information about our user adoption services, please contact us.

These graphs are taken from a real enterprise-level SharePoint engagement. They measure user activity on the SharePoint platform, which is a key indicator whether or not SharePoint is actually making a difference. In this instance you can clearly see months of uninterrupted growth. While some growth curves can be affected by seasonal fluctuation, this is the kind of picture AKG strives for. We've seen this kind of growth in all our enterprise-level programs, which does eventually start to level off as the program matures. We wanted to show you what can be done in terms of user adoption.

The part of the story that is not shown in this graph is how our methodology strengthens the SharePoint programs foundations as it grows. For example, our governance framework gets more robust as it is needed. Our training programs scale up as the user-base grows. Our community-of-practice mechanisms kick in to promote user-to-user learning and support. Without that you have the "boom-and-bust" curve which shows rapid early growth and then a decline as the system collapses under its own weight.

For more information about our user adoption services, please contact us.

AKG created these simple reference guides to give SharePoint users quick "how to" references. Walk through the steps needed to use some of the various features of WSS, MOSS 2007 and SPS 2010. Print it and you'll have a useful tool right at your fingertips.

SharePoint 2010™ Site Owner's Reference Guide

Create team sites, wikis, blogs, document libraries, and customize your Quick Launch navigation in SharePoint 2010 by using this easy reference guide.
Download your PDF version here:SharePoint 2010 Site Owner's Reference Guide

SharePoint 2010™ Calendars & Meeting Workspaces Reference Guide

Understand how integration between your SharePoint 2010 and Outlook 2010 calendars has been improved with this easy guide. Learn how to set up meeting workspaces and increase the productivity of your meetings.
Download your PDF version here:SharePoint 2010 Calendars & Meeting Workspaces Reference Guide

SharePoint 2010™ Workflows Quick Reference Guide

Become familiar with creating and using some common SharePoint 2010 workflows with this easy user guide.
Download your PDF version here:SharePoint 2010 Workflows Reference Guide

SharePoint 2010™ Basic Features Reference Guide

Use this quick and easy user guide to improve your current SharePoint 2010 experience or to evaluate and understand the end user differences in the new 2010 release. Learn to manage your calendar, tasks lists, and Document libraries with this SharePoint 2010™Basic Features Reference Guide.
Download your PDF version here:SharePoint 2010™Basic Features Reference Guide

SharePoint 2010™ Document Library Reference Guide

Use this Reference guide to create a document library, manage your document library permissions, create, upload, read, edit a document, check in and check out a document, turn on document versioning, view version history, create an alert, and utilize the recylcle bin!
Download your PDF version here:SharePoint 2010 Document Library Reference Guide

SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) Workflows and Workflow Tasks Quick Reference Guide

Workflows can help you automate business processes, saving you time and ensuring that approvals and reviews are done in a timely fashion. This guide will give you instructions for creating out of the box SharePoint workflows, and information on using the associated workflow task lists.
Download your PDF version here:SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) SharePoint Workflows and Workflow Tasks Quick Reference Guide

SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) Calendar and Meeting Workspaces Quick Reference Guide

Learn how to better integrate your SharePoint and Outlook calendars with this easy guide. You'll also receive instructions for setting up Meeting Workspaces, so you can more effectively plan and prepare for meetings.
Download your PDF version here:SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) Calendar and Meeting Workspaces QRef.pdf

SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) Site Owner Quick Reference Guide

Use this guide for some ideas on what you can do as a SharePoint Site Owner, including creating team sites, wikis, blogs, document libraries and more.
Download your PDF version here:SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) Site Owner QRef.pdf

SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) Document Library Quick Reference Guide

Document libraries are where you organize your documents, regardless of their type. This Quick Reference Guide will give you step-by-step instructions for creating, categorizing and using your document libraries. You will learn how to enable version control for your documents, and how to organize documents by categories for easier retrieval and better organization.
Download your PDF version here:SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) DocLibrary QRef.pdf

SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) My Site Quick Reference Guide

In SharePoint 2007, a 'My Site' is your personal workspace to keep public or private libraries, photos, lists and subsites. The user has the ability to include the features most important to their daily work, so what you need to work more effectively is at your fingertips.

My Sites can improve productivity and collaboration throughout an organization. Additionally, they offer social networking capabilities, allowing other users to search and locate individuals by skills, interests and other qualifying attributes.
Download your PDF version here:SharePoint 2007 My Site QRef.pdf

SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) Basic Quick Reference

The SharePoint 2007 release added a lot of new features and functionality. This handy reference will help users whether they have migrated from the earlier version or are new to SharePoint.
Download your PDF version here:SharePoint 2007 Basic QRef.pdf

WSS v.2 Basic Quick Reference

AKG has created this simple reference to help give SharePoint users a quick "how-to" reference for WSS v.2. It will help walk you through the steps needed to use some of the various features of WSS.
Download your PDF version here:WSS QRef.pdf

For more information, please contact us.

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